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180g ROYAL Versilberung Besteck

180g ROYAL silver plating cutlery

WILKENS cutlery is characterized by the highest quality standards in terms of design and manufacture: With a 180g silver plating, WILKENS offers the strongest silver plating in the industry worldwide.

With the WILKENS 180g ROYAL silver plating, 180 grams of pure silver are applied to the surface of a 24-piece cutlery set using a special technique. This means a longer lifespan for the silver-plated cutlery. Alpaca is used as the base material - an alloy of copper, zinc and nickel - which gives the cutlery a deeper shine. The WILKENS 180g ROYAL silver plating turns silver-plated cutlery into durable pieces of jewelry with an unrivaled price-performance ratio.




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