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Wilkens ist jetzt Teil der Gebr. Kühn Familie. In dieser Übergangszeit beträgt die Lieferzeit ca. 3-4 Wochen. Haben Sie ein eiliges Anliegen, kontaktieren Sie uns gern direkt. Wir danken Ihnen für Ihr Verständnis.

Margeriten 925 Sterlingsilber

Margeriten 925 sterling silver

As a member of the Worpswede artists' colony, Heinrich Vogeler shaped the progressive artistic movement at the beginning of the last century. The cutlery design MARGERITEN in sterling silver reflects the stylized concept of nature that is characteristic of the ornamentation of the epoch and today combines subtle cutlery culture with understated elegance. Geometrically arranged blossoms grow out of an abstract stalk that appears to be growing out of the bowls. Flowing transitions in a thoroughly dedicated design characterize this masterly design. The oxidized / polished surface brings out the beautiful flower motifs on the WILKENS MARGERITEN cutlery.



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