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WILKENS 925 sterling silver

A material that can be experienced with all senses.

925 sterling silver from WILKENS: Unmistakably beautiful

With its beautiful, unmistakably warm radiant shine and its easily malleable, soft material properties, silver is an ideal material for the production of luxurious, premium quality cutlery. The value of silver cutlery is not only expressed in its unique appearance, the heaviness of the material and the wonderfully velvety, warm feel make the value of fine 925 sterling silver tangible with all your senses.

925 sterling silver with fine silver plating

The highest quality silver alloy used in the manufacture of premium silver cutlery is sterling silver. It consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. 925/000 sterling silver cutlery is also refined in the WILKENS silver manufactory with an additional layer of 1000 fine silver - for the remarkably lively and evenly intense shine, by which you can recognize WILKENS sterling silver cutlery at first glance.

In addition, all WILKENS silver cutlery, table products and home accessories made of 925 sterling silver naturally also have the embossing required by the Stamp Act of 1884 with:

Wilkens Hallmark (a stylized silver coin)
crescent moon
fine silver content

800 real silver in the WILKENS Collector's Edition

The widely used silver alloy of 80% silver and 20% copper is used by WILKENS as 800/000 real silver in the historical cutlery patterns and collector's cutlery of the WILKENS Collector's Edition, which are made using original tools with the highest level of craftsmanship.