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Wilkens – 200 Jahre Manufakturtradition

Wilkens – 200 years of manufacturing tradition

WILKENS - The great pride in our incomparable tradition is at the same time an obligation for us to always pursue the ambition for the "perfect product".

The use of high-quality silver for the production of cutlery and tableware has a long tradition that dates back to the Romans and had its heyday in the 19th century.

In the heyday of fine table culture, numerous silver manufactories produced a large number of cutlery patterns with up to 130 individual pieces and furnished the tables of high society with them.

The love of silver has always connected the people at WILKENS in Bremen

The love for the precious metal silver has always been the element that connects the people at the silversmiths Wilkens & Sons in Bremen. From the founding of the manufactory in 1810, it was always the passion for the unique material that inspired master silversmiths, artists and admirers of cultivated table culture to constantly work on the quality and design of the silver products in order to perfectly express the beauty of the silver and to be experienced in all facets.

Masterpieces from 200 years of WILKENS silversmith tradition

From magnificent centerpieces, such as the world-famous Bremer Schaffer Mahl, to today's range of elegant table accessories made of 925 sterling silver, numerous unique masterpieces have emerged from the world-famous tradition of the WILKENS silversmiths in Bremen, which are an unmistakable expression of a fascination for the material that has lasted for 200 years are silver.